Thursday, December 2, 2010

niece and nephew " UNCLE UNLEASHED"

So my little ones are growing up... I need to take some pictures before they start to rebel so my sister called me out to take pictures of them, woow Harry( nephew) was he a hand full lol...

Kaydeen The Dream Bride !!!

Kaydeen just recently got married in the Caribbean, but her photographer that took picture, didn't capture her dress or her wedding ceremony, So she came to me and asked to fix her photo and take some pictures of her and her dress... And it goes something like this.....

Patricia's rendezvous point

When we did Patricia's photoshoot the weather was phenomeonal, it was perfect : The Clouds, Wind, sky, and the moon.

So here are some sample shots with Patricia

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just learned this blog can translate in tamil

So I am clicking away and figuring out how to use this blog, and I ran into tamil translator... WTF thats soo cool so I added it away lol

Crazy Mondays

I helped out  Studio 12 Photography, with my buddy Pirasath, Who actully is the one that got me into Photography lol, Great guy and great team to work with.
We currently just finished our wedding seasons, which can get very  tiring.
So now that we have time to sit down and breath I started off my own personal Blog.
Right now I am just playing around with Adobe Lightroom, which actully does some MAGIC...
So Stay Tuned for more information :)